How to bid.

We invite you to attend our annual auction in Bremen or to bid at five auctions each year at our auction house Historia in Berlin.

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In person

The auction is open to public and accessible to all individuals. To attend a public auction is always a thrilling experience to remember. We are proud to host classic auctions and preserve the tradition for the future. To take part in person, we ask you to register as bidder at our front desk. Please bring you identity card or your passport. After registering you are authorized to bid in the auction in our saleroom and get a bidding paddle with your bidder number. The auction starts at 10 a.m., we open at 9 a.m. You may register before or during the auction, depending on when your desired lot is called up. The registration takes a few minutes time, make sure you have enough time if waiting times occur.

1 7



Starting price: 1.200,00 €

Jade Buddha, China, wohl 18

Starting price: 500,00 €

Vogeler, Heinrich

Starting price: 50.000,00 €

Alternative bidding methods

  • via eMail

    A bidding order by email includes the catalog number, short description of the object, a numbered bid, as well as your full address with phone number. By signing, you confirm that you accept the general terms and conditions.

  • via letter

    The bid by letter by mail to the address: Bolland & Marotz, Fedelhören 19, 28203 Bremen GERMANY with the following information: the catalog number, a brief description of the object, a numbered bid, and your full address with phone number. By signing, you confirm that you accept the general terms and conditions.

  • via phone

    p>Of course, telephone bids are also possible. For this it is necessary to register online. Please register with us at least 24 hours before the start of the auction. We require the following information: – Your full name and address – Your telephone number where you can be reached on the auction day.

  • via fax

    Send us an order for a written offer to the fax number +49 (0) 421 32 85 43 with the following details: the catalog number, brief description of the object, a numbered bid, as well as your full address with telephone number.

Online live bidding

Apart from placing absentee bids online, you may also register for live bidding via your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Please register 48 hours prior auction start at the latest here:


After registering you automatically receive an e-mail with a registration link to verify and to activate your bidder account. The approval for live bidding is conducted as quickly as possible. Please note that the approval might take up to 24 hours – so please register as soon as possible. When you are approved, you will receive an automatic notification. The live-stream starts a few minutes before the auction starts (10 a.m.).

For further information on registering for live bidding please go to „Live Bidding – How it works

Important information

  • invoicing and shipping

    The auctioned objects can be paid on the day of the auction and also taken along. Bidders who did not attend the auction in person will receive the invoice by post following the auction, or by e-mail upon request. If you have specified a shipping request on your bid form, the invoice already includes the shipping costs (without guarantee). If you ticked off pickup on the bid form, we ask that you pick up the items from us within two weeks or have them picked up. If you have not set a cross for shipping or self-pickup, we assume that you would like to have the auctioned objects sent. The transfer of the shipping costs applies to us as a shipping order, your billing address as the shipping address. If you still want to pick up your goods personally, we only refund conditionally paid shipping costs. Please inform us as soon as possible when placing a bid about your shipping request, as well as any deviating from the billing address abroad, as we write the invoices including shipping immediately after the auction and send. More detailed information about shipping and Transport, see Shipping Information

  • call and bid steps

    The items listed in the catalog are called by the auctioneer in the order specified in the catalog at the specified call price (limit price). Increases from 10 € to 200 € by 10 €, then in about 10% steps (see box below), with the auctioneer reserves exceptions. If there is no or only a written bid, then the call is made to the limit. With several written Vorgeboten the call takes place approx. 10% over the second highest written Vorgebebot. Written offers are only used with the amount that is required to beat the respective bid by one step (about 10%), therefore the bid can be made far below the maximum bid. In the case of written pre-bids in the same amount, the order of receipt of the bids determines the bid.

    Call in €
    Bid increment in €






    500 – 900
    5000 – 9000

    A surcharge of 27% incl. 19% VAT will be added to the hammer price.

  • among commanded

    If you submit bids below the limit specified in the catalog, we are obliged to ask the consignor for approval. If your sub bid is outbid or the item is sold at the limit, you will not necessarily be notified. For objects in the after sale, we can usually grant a discount of 10%.

  • payment

    Payment can be made in cash, by debit card, by check (only known to us) or by bank transfer. The bank details can be found on your invoice. When paying by credit card we have to charge a fee of 5% incl. VAT of the invoice amount. The invoices have to be settled within 10 days after invoicing.

  • VAT

    We charge 19% VAT on our premium or shipping costs and not on the auctioned object: This means that we tax our services provided in Germany. A refund of VAT is possible for foreign customers who are art dealers and have an EU tax number that they can tell us: in this case, we issue the invoice without VAT. For non-EU customers the invoice must include the VAT until the export of the object has been confirmed by customs. This means that the VAT has to be paid in advance and can only be refunded if we have the customs documents confirming the export.

  • pickup

    All auctioned artifacts can be picked up during the auction after payment. For later pickup – maximum 14 days after the auction – we ask for a short message in advance to avoid waiting times. If your objects are to be picked up by another person, we ask for a power of attorney issued by you.

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